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What is final expense life insurance?

Final expense life insurance is a type of guaranteed issue whole life insurance. The policy can be used however the beneficiary wishes, and are often used to help pay for funeral and other final expenses.

These policies typically offer lower death benefit amounts than traditional life insurance policies. Final expense life insurance policies are offered to people within a certain age range. Final expense life insurance plans are guaranteed issue. This means that applicants cannot be turned down for any medical reason. Application is fast and coverage begins as soon as the first premium is paid.

Aspects of final expense life insurance [1]

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Plans can offer a range of death benefit amounts, usually up to $25,000.



Plans can help relieve worries of loved ones by helping to cover expenses such as funeral services, and other final expense.


Easier to Qualify

Plans may be available to those who may not qualify for other insurance due to their health.

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